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Hey [wlm_firstname]

I’d be delighted to ship a copy of both #ADDAZERO – Establishing BaseCamp AND #ADDAZERO – Scale to Summit.

Remember, when I originally wrote this content it was one book. Then, when I approached the publishers, they advised me “We love the content, but we are not going to publish

Why not? I asked rather confused

“Because no one will sit and read over 110K words! (Almost 600 pages). You will have to edit the copy”

Edit? By how much?

“We don’t usually publish more than 65K words”

That’s not an edit, it’s a massacre!…… Or is it?

No, it’s two books!

Establishing Basecamp is designed to ensure you have all the right foundations on which to build and scale a business

Scale to Summit is then designed to help you sustainably scale.

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