Get your copy of the Amazon Number 2* best seller: #ADDAZERO The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable SCALE and learn how to hit the accelerator in YOUR business.

Whilst more than 550,000 new businesses are registered each year (in the UK alone) why is it that only 1% go on to SMASH all their predicted targets, goals and aspirations, and a further 4% ever meet their original goals?
In 2008, my former business was significantly impacted by the sudden closure of one of the largest and most well-known brands on the UK high street! A business which employed over 27,000 staff and a turnover of almost £4Bn a year!

You will always learn so much more from failure, than you ever will from success. So I set about to understand what causes good businesses to fail!

It’s led me to head up a team of data analysts as we determined the cause of more than 150 Big Business Failures and subsequently survey more than 115K SME businesses to ‘unlock the DNA of business failure’.

Within this book, I’ll share:

  • The 3 main FLAWS in more than 85% of businesses (which subsequently lead to their downfall)
  • The 8 elements of EVERY super successful business
  • The 7 considerations YOU will have to make when moving from growth to SCALE!
  • And a step by step guide to assessing the current scale vulnerabilities within your business, and how to overcome them.

At the time of publication, it led to 8 clients being National Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists. Countless others winning either regional or industry-specific awards, and ALL those who have applied the teachings to Significantly and Sustainably scale both them and their businesses.

This is not a ‘Sunday afternoon’ read. It’s the most comprehensive proactive, and proven guide for business owners to ‘establish basecamp’ on their journey to success summit.

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