ADDAZERO Scale Up Scorecard

#ADDAZERO Scale-Up Audit Report

We have spent almost 7 years heavily researching what causes BIG BUSINESSES to FAIL!

There is SO much more we can learn from failure than we ever will from success.

And so, I wanted to understand what causes BIG businesses to grow and then fail. And what lessons we can take from this to prevent us from having the same fate?

The findings were SHOCKING. And led to a survey of more than 100K SME Business Owners to determine if the same FLAWS identified within the BIG BUSINESS survey, were present within smaller businesses. (And if so, why don’t we simply identify and resolve them then?)

We have subsequently engineered, tested, reviewed, revised, and re-tested a series of ‘questions to ask if the business to:

  • Determine the strength of the FOUNDATIONS on which the business is founded
  • Establish the People, Systems, and Processes required to SCALE a business
  • Confirm what ADDITIONAL measures are required to successfully EXIT the business

Based on the success both we and our many clients are having by implementing these measures into their businesses:

We’ve now made it our MISSION to eradicate unemployment in the UK.  By supporting conscientious business leaders to scaleup their businesses.  That collectively, we create more demand for new employee’s than there are those actively seeking employment.

Are YOU ready to #ADDAZERO?

There are 30 NPS style (On a scale of 1-10) questions to answer in this #ADDAZERO Scale-up Audit. Each question is based on a SCALE of 1 – 10.  Where 1 represents “OMG, I need a what!…”  And 10 represents a “That’s cool. We’ve got that sorted”.

You should NOT dwell for anything longer than a few seconds to read, contemplate, and respond to each question.  We are not expecting you to pull out reams of information to support each question. I want you to read, consider, and reply. A ‘Go with your gut’ approach is therefore best.  This deems the #ADDAZERO scale-up Audit should take no more than 10 mins to complete.

In return for your honesty in completing this, we shall return to you an in-depth and bespoke #ADDAZERO Scale-Up Audit Report based on the scores you give, and on our research into BIG BUSINESS FAILURE and how to SCALE.

The #ADDAZERO Scale-Up Audit Report shall offer you a comprehensive review of the current foundations on which you are growing your business and an indication as to some of the things you might wish to review and consider to confidently hit the accelerator and move from growth to SCALE.

I’ll also invite you to have a complimentary conversation with one of our Global Entrepreneur Award-Winning SCALE Sherpas, to go through our findings, answer any questions you may have, and learn more about your plans for the future.

But for now, let’s get started…..