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This 30min (ish) video shares a lot more about What, Where, When, Who, How and answers many of the most Frequently Asked Questions…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the #ADDAZERO Methodology?

Great question. Having been badly impacted (as a supplier to) Woolworths in 2008, as a Small Business Owner, I had the excpetionally hard role of making a number of my team redundant. Something which still affects me emotionally today. And I swore there and then, if I was to EVER employ anyone ever again (and I was still able to maintain some of the team) I would understand How to de-risk a business. That I am able to offer careers not just jobs.

I quickly noticed the plethora of ‘Business Success Blueprints’ being sold, and whilst these are a reflection of what the provider is doing in their growing business. They all appear to missed one vital ingredient – HOW does their success translate to another person’s business, sector, industry?

So instead of following the “Success leaves clues” mantra, I set out to understand: what causes good businesses to fail? (And how to avoid it).

The #ADDAZERO is a combination of 4 years of Data research into more than 150 of Big Business Failures, and the surveying of more than 117K SME businesses to understand when do these errors, problems, hurdles first occur? and Why don’t we address them at the time?

We’ve developed a proven methodology to support business owners, identify, address and either overcome or avoid the many pitfalls all business owners face as the business grows, in terms of people, systems, and processes. It wasn’t until we Beta tested this, that we determined: “If you can’t fail, your destined to succeed”.

This proven, patented methodology has now been delivered into more than 8,000 SME businesses across UK and the US, consistently seeing more enquiries, more customers, more sales, more revenue, more staff, more opportunities, more profits.

Why Certify the #ADDAZERO Methodology?

Having seen the success this has had, both within our own business, but also in more than 8,000 SME Businesses we’ve delivered this to. I knew this has to make available to all SME business owners.

In 2019, I set about turning this into a digital offering. Joining the countless others that had a Digital course to sell.  Yet during PHase 1 Beta testing, we quickly realised, Business Owners need more than a log-in, Video, and a downloadable widget!.  We simply don’t know, what we don’t know, And not knowing when it’s your own business, often causes uncertainty, anxiety, fear.  Whilst Business Owners need to learn and implement this methodology, they also need to help and support, the assurance and the accountability to implement it effectively in order for both they and their business to benefit.

Then 2020, and the COVID crisis has determined more than ever Business Owners the world over need this information now. There was no longer the time to build up our own training team.  Whilst the government has their new “Build Back Better” slogan, in real terms that means more SME businesses working harder to simulate the economy.

We’ve therefore approached one of the worlds leading authorities in the Coach, Trainer, Consultant space, and enabled the methodology to be Certified.  This will enables Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, alongside Business Development Managers, and Internal Senior Leadership Teams to ALL gain access to this programme.

What’s included?

Well, it starts with a LIVE, in-person, interactive certification training, at the #ADDAZERO HeadQuarters in Warrington, Cheshire.  It’s important you understand every element of the programme, all the resources that are available, and how best to utilise these both within your own business, and that of your clients.

Then, throughout the year, and alongside 24/7 Telephone/Email support. EVERY Certified #ADDAZERO Scale-Up Coach shall be enrolled into an exclusive Mastermind Group.  We want you and your clients to succeed, as much as our business and those we still support directly. And so, EVERY month, you’ll have direct access to 2 x Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award Winner, and founder of the #ADDAZERO Business Challenge – Jay Allen.


As the UK’s leading Ethical Coaching Company (Not just a strapline, but an award we won in 2017). I’ve worked hard to ensure the investment in this programme is attainable as possible. It’s so important right now, to get this out to as many as possible, I’ve specifically kept the level of investment and payment terms as lean as possible, to reduce as far as possible any barrier to entry.

Furthermore, we’ve broken the training down into ‘Bitesize’ chunks.

Every new #ADDAZERO Scale-Up Coach shall first work through our 35 point BaseCamp programme, understanding the impact ensuring a strong and scalable foundation can already have on the growth of many businesses.  Some, (possibly those newer to business coaching) may choose this element is sufficient for them to launch their coaching practice, and can easily and quickly grow to 6 figure annual revenue without having to work ‘silly’ hours.

For those who wish to take this further, The Second Phase – ‘Explorer’ concentrates more deeply on the SCALE-UP of the business.  An additional 33 point programme, specifically for those already generating multi 6 / 7 figure businesses, but keen to accelerate sustainably beyond this.

The final element of the Methodology is Summit. A further 24 point programme, specifically concentrating on Replication (Moving to multi-site) Duplication (Licensing/Franchising), and around Legacy (Exit planning).

The level of investment for each is a fraction of the true commercial value within (and the ongoing level of support provided) but designed specifically that this can easily be recuperated within the first 2 clients you introduce to work with you implementing this programme in their business.

A proven System

This isn’t something we have put together and simply packaging for sale.  I still own my own coaching practice and continue to support my own clients through this methodology. 

In the last few years, that’s included 8 who have been National Finalists in Entrepreneur of the Year (Four WINNERS within their category) and most recently 2 clients recognised by the Palace for ‘Service to their community/industry’ as a direct result of implementing the Methodology we are certifying and passing to you. 

As part of the initial training, and throughout Mastermind. I won’t just be showing you what there is, and how to do implement this. Answering all of your questions and (as required) generating more resources for the Vault.  I’ll also show you Step by Step our business model, and how we have created a model capable of a single person to generate a multi 6 figure income easily and sustainably.

Investment (As of January 2022)

We’ve worked hard to ensure that everything you require to make this a highly successful and profitable business for both you and your clients. Over the last few years, we’ve measured the investment / ROI our clients have made in providing the coaching against the results they get within their businesses. And confident that clients have not made an investment of more than 13% of the ROI they get from fully implementing all of the elements of the #ADDAZERO Methodology.

Payment options are available

*VAT at the prevailing rate at the time of payment


Cohort ONE, will receive:

  • BaseCamp

  • Explorer

  • AND Summit

for an investment of just:


What’s included?…


LIVE training through every element of the #ADDAZERO Methodology

#ADDAZERO Vault Membership

Includes #ADDAZERO Course Modules and Resources

Exclusive Licensee Mastermind

Exclusive Monthly Masterminds for ongoing support and Q&A

#ADDAZERO Partner Programme

Attractive and ongoing Affiliate Program


ALL #ADDAZERO content available to be easily Co-Branded

Additional Support

Access to the entire #ADDAZERO Business Development Team


Backlinks from the #ADDAZERO website to you and your business

And much, MUCH more...

Be at the forefront (pre-roll-out) of new Products and Services

Your Next Steps…

Step 1

Application Questionnaire

Now we’ve got your questionnaire, it will be passed to the Training team, who will review it, and then be in touch to arrange an interview with #ADDAZERO Founder, Jay Allen – Together we’ll ensure we’re a good fit. (Click here if you somehow missed the questionnaire!).

Step 2

Complete the Programme

The program is a combination of live facilitated training/discovery sessions and real-world application. During the interview, we’ll agree on training dates with you, and lock in those ongoing Mastermind sessions.  It’s vital we provide full support to ensure full competency in all aspects, that both you and your clients get the #ADDAZERO results

Step 3

Launch & SCALE

Launch / Integrate the #ADDAZERO Methodology into your own business, and begin delivering this to your clients old and new. We’ll continue to support and grow with you, taking this message worldwide.

Having now seen first hand the impact this methodology is having with our clients, I knew this had to be made more available, beyond the remits of our own capacity.  Which is why we have developed and tested this accreditation model enabling you and your clients to benefit from it also.

Jay Allen

Founder, #ADDAZERO Business Challenge


What would YOU do, if you knew you COULDN’T fail?