Thank you

Firstly. and most importantly I wanted to extend a personal “Thank you” for agreeing to be a guest on the #ADDAZERO Podcast.

Very briefly, I’d like to offer you a little background about #ADDAZERO, and our mission to support 1,000,000 to ScaleUp their businesses, sufficient to #ADDAZERO, and generate more new roles, than there are those actively seeking employment, that collectively we can eradicate unemployment in the UK.

Brief History

Just prior to Christmas, in 2008 I received a call, to be advised our largest client had been placed into receivership, and the £226,000 they currently owed us, was unlikely to ever be paid! It resulted in me, remortgaging my house, borrowing more money than I’ve ever done before, and making 7 good employees redundant to prevent our business from failing also.

From that moment, I made two promises to myself:

  1. I would never employ another person until I had determined how to prevent being so impacted by a client’s demise again, and that I would only ever careers not just jobs.
  2. How it was, that such a household name (with more than 880 stores, employing more than 27,000 people and established for over 90 years) had subsequently failed, when the previous year, had posted a turnover of almost £4Bn?

This led, to 7 years of research, conducted not only by myself, but more than a dozen University MBA business analysts into What causes good businesses to fail?

We’ve researched more than 150 National Business Failures, and surveyed more than 115K SME Business Owners to identify:

  1. The three flaws in more than 85% of businesses that lead to their failure
  2. The eight elements are every successful ScaleUp business

From this, we have now devised an entire ScaleUp Methodology which has been tested with both online and offline, product and service, modern and traditional businesses.

We call it: #ADDAZERO

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